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Mike Kopf

"Yolo Swag or An Argument For Arson"

"The follow-up to Summer Jam Party Slam 2016 that no one asked for comes off as juvenile and stupid, although among the dumb jokes and childish anger there are some sweet and sincere moments. Most of the sincerity though, is tainted by some pretty harsh preachyness around the subjects of social justice and environmentalism and gives the impression that Mike Kopf is the kind of person you would find insufferable if you got caught in a conversation with him at a party. "

         - Mike Kopf

            "The meta-take review"


"This album is too long"

         -August Clementine

            "Thoughts for your thoughts"


"I think asshat should be closer to the end or like a secret track it kinda explains the joke."

        -Rusty Niknax

             "Easy crafts for Satan                                      Worishpers weekly"

Yolo Swag Album Cover.jpg
But sometimes it costs quite a bit to make it. Want to donate to the cause? No pressure. How much do you think this album is worth? Not more than $5, I know that.

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Track Listing

01 Yolo Swag
02 Moral Highground
03 Asshat
04 Let Me Do My Thing
05 Want Your Blood
06 No Thanks
07 Poo Love
08 I Was Fine
09 I Only Wear Shorts
10 Sound Wave
11 Revolting Again
12 Space Rock
13 Nothing Left
14 Pizza God
15 Sticks
16 Throw in the Towel
17 You're Doing your Best
18 Tacoma
19 Forgiving The Ancestors


Listen Here:

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