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The Gay Communists


 Long, long ago in 2009 the Tacoma-based improv band, "The Gay Communists" started off on an ambitious project: Create an album with 30 songs no matter how bad they are. No one knows why. The lead musicologist Matlock went though her old hard drive and found one thousand un-finished songs and added alittle sugar and spice (Yes, the kind from  Frank Herbert's "Dune") and then put a microphone in front of anyone who would put up with it. They then forced the person to sing lyrics to these un-finished music tracks. No re-takes, no rehearsing, just the pure sound of spontaneous lyrics.


  "I don't want to say that The Gay Communists are the next Beatles, but I'm going to anyway"  

               -Henry Rollins


  "By far the most original and un-mixed thing I've heard in a very long time.I hope these guys and gals learn to master soon because the qualtiy of the recordings is the only thing keeping this album from getting a perfect 10" 

          -Brad Crandle, "Rolling Sone"

Track Listing

1. Hello Again

2. Tolly Molly

3. All the cats in the bathroom with the door locked

4. Bermuda

5. Bumba

6. Don't Mind if I do

7. Let's go Steal Something

8. Jacob Sergi

9. Jesus Christ Peperoni Star

10.Every Crass Song at Once

11.Fast and Bruised Up

12.From Lynne Truss and Derrick Jensen With Love

13.Kurt's Tundra Guess

14.Sleep in the Ground

15.The Battle of Isengard

16.Don't Wait Up


18.We're all gonna Die

19.Montego Bay, Whacha go'n Say?

20.Prince of Persia's Parents

21.Only free in a Van

22.When I want some bread

23.The Encounter

24.I've got a nasty infection of M CAT

25.Lifestyles of the Ryan and Garett

26.More Green to be Seen on

27.Pyramid Surfer

28.Snail Whale

29.The Problem with Magicarps

30.The Moon is Bright in California

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