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Mike Kopf "Moved To Idaho

Mike Kopf moved to Idaho last year to live in a trailer and eat road kill and learn about survival skills and bird language and stuff. That's pretty cool, one might argue. While playing with sticks and dabbling in the lost art of "Moose Neo-Synthesis" ; whatever that is, he also wrote a bunch of music that very few of the friendly ducks and herons could be convinced to like, or even listen to because of their preoccupation with eating slugs, and their inability to fit into human-ergonomic headphones. And so, these lost tunes have been put, like a message-in-a-bottle, onto the internet and it seems like they have sadly washed up onto your shore. Enjoy!


"Listen to some Nickleback first so it sounds better by comparison."

         - Dirk Brently- "Tacoma Weekly"


"I've heard some music before, and this certanly technically is that."

         -Greg Stone- "Auto Trader"


"No one is certain of how often Mike Kopf showers, or preforms in the olympcis, but some estimate that those two intervals coinside"

          -Mike Kopf

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