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Tacoma local Mike Kopf tries his skills in the Hip-Hop arena. Obviously inspired by the nerd-core scene and early days of this rap, listening to this album is like walking down the streets of 1999 Compton playing an old green-screened Game Boy that Lady Gaga took a shit on.


"M.C. Mike Kopf is the Best rap album since Dr. Dre's The Chronic 2001"

         - Josh Peters, "Rolling Stone"


"This guy is ridiculous the the best way possible!" -Joy, "WakeUp253"


"Id say that I want to have his babies, but I already did." -Jesus "Nazareth" 


M.C. Mike Kopf

"The Hip Hop Album"

Track Listing

1. Blaow Blaow (CRUNK REMIX)

2. Chalupacabra

3. Boushh

4. Nintenudeno

5. Boomed

6. Rory Award

7. Slap Your Dick on the


8. Nintenudeno Remix 

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