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Started in 2007 as a science fair project in an attempt resurrect the pure party energy of Motley Crue, the experiment soon went wrong when a jungle appeared out of nowhere; presumably from the distant past. All manner of strange creatures shambled and lumbered out of this jungle into the shopping center that it had materialized in. Giant cat-like creatures were devouring SUVs packed with groceries, children were running for their very lives at the sight of birds with five wings and mouths full of acid knives. It all seemed so surreal. How could this be? All at once it made sense reflceted Dr. Presvicki Shonwalder, Quantum physicists and noted dwarf enthusiast. FINE SLEW HAD RETURNED


"If this band was a  monster truck it still wouldn't be any cooler."  -Rick Santos, "TIME"


"The sidewalk slams explain everything"

                  -Fred Anderson "Canada Review"

Track Listing


1. Anarchy in the UK

2. Babies on Acid

3. Baja Bob

4. Don't tell me you love to not


5. Get Funky


7. Crack Cocaine For Jesus

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