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Mike Kopf

"Mike Kopf in Space"

Inspired by some 70's-ish rock, but mostly an awkward breakup and awkward drugs Mike Kopf tried his hand at his first "concept album" and it's pretty okay. Really, that "Alone" song is pretty cool and the 7th track that I'm pretty sure is about Katamari is a cool idea. 

"This album is so good all of hair fell out at once. It messed up my sensory awareness so now I see rainbows when I hear."

         - Two 8th graders

            "Middle School Digest"


"All of my crops have been watered on this day"

         -Slim Daddy Overalls

               "Tractor Weekly Magazine"


"Reminds me of early Mars Volta...pretty trippy"


             "The Sheen"




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Track Listing


1. Humans

2. Lift Off



5. Alone

6. Forgotten

7. King of Nothing

8. Final Transmission

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